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The holiday lights came down the weekend after New Years, much to Norman's disappointment. We had gone walking every evening to see the lights around the neighborhood. He still talks about them, and it is February! We have settled into a new routine as a family of four. Norman understood what was happening and was rather somber at the beginning, apparently recognizing the significance of it all at just 2 years old. A couple nights before his brother arrived, as I was putting him to bed, his usual incomprehensible chatter trailed off as we lay there in the dark talking abou this and that. He paused for a moment as if struggling to find the right words before saying with perfect clarity, "watch baby brother come". I was stunned. He hardly ever said anything so distinctly, and he knew why mommy wasn't there to put him to bed. It took a month or so before he seemed back to his usual self: for a while, he was not letting daddy hold Marlon and not letting mommy do anything with Norman. But right from the start he wanted to help hold and shush Marlon, and now he tries to show him things and talks about him. We are seeing the first signs in Norman of empathy towards others, which is a big milestone in the journey through toddlerhood.

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