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At the beginning of June we went to Yosemite and stayed four nights in a cabin. This gave ample time for exploring Glacier Point and Sentinel Dome, the Mariposa Grove of big trees, and the Yosemite Valley in between Norman's naps as well as extended breakfasts and dinners at the cabin. The first two days it rained in the afternoon as mountain thunderstorms came through. I realized I had not seen trees in leaf there since 2002! The landscape was so lush, but also was very crowded with people. Usually I am there in the winter when there is snow and accommodations are cheaper and easier to book. Norman particularly enjoyed playing in the rain and in the muddy sand at the edge of Mirror Lake, where a duck came to visit him. Immediately he pointed to it and said "I want" over and over again. He also was very interested in the squirrels.

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