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I went to Massachusetts for a week at the end of September, the longest I had ever been away from Norman. We kept up with nightly Facetime sessions. I visited home, went to some meetings, and met Joanna for dinner in Boston. The next two weekends I replaced windows in our bedroom, swapping out the original 1940s single pane double hung sashes (with peeling paint and decayed wood) for thousand dollar Marvin windows sporting the latest double pane glass, weather seals, pre-painted aluminum exterior, and primed pine interior woodwork. Lower gas heating bills won't pay these back for decades but the real benefit is being able to open the windows easily and have screens. Each replacement takes me seven or eight hours including time waiting for paint to dry. Two is all for now, though we might do two more in Norman's room next year. Other things we've done recently: Pia and Teemu and baby Topias were visiting from Finland and we finally made it to the Point Bonita Lighthouse with them, our previous visits twice having been cut short of actually making it to the lighthouse, and afterwards we walked around Sausalito and ate sandwiches at the water's edge overlooking San Francisco across the bay. Another weekend we went to Golden Gate Park to meet friends at a childrens' playground where Norman had lots of laughs on the swingset. There were signs in the playground reading 'adults not allowed unless accompanied by a child' and I thought it was for fun until I saw the city code referenced. Makes sense, I suppose.

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Mexico to Canada on the PCT, Dad's account from the trail in 1978.
New York to New Orleans by bicycle and riverboat, 1944. Grandma's story.

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